Deadly deadlines

Me: Z, I fell asleep with you at nap time and now I might miss my deadline.

Z: Amma, you have a deadly deadline!

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Of pies and fruits

Z came home with a homework sheet about the word “like”. While doing it, she refused to write like next to a couple of pictures.

On asking, she told me “Because I don’t like pies and I don’t like fruits.”

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My Sherlock Craze

Y’know your 4yo is up to something when she voluntarily turns her cartoon off and suggests you watch Sherlock. ‪#‎evenmykidknows‬

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New Year Fireworks

Finding a good vantage point for the New Year fireworks which is not in Downtown Dubai or crowded is next to impossible.

When we realized that we had an unhindered view of the Burj from the rooftop parking at Mirdiff City Center, we prided ourselves on having found a vantage point that didn’t involve suffocating crowds and hours long traffic jams. Sure it was insanely far but hey, the Burj is the tallest building in the world and fireworks are easy to see from a distance. No biggie.

So off we went to MCC, had dinner, made our way to the roof at midnight and… couldn’t see the Burj.

What we hadn’t factored in our brilliant plan was fog. Because it was so far away, a slight haze was all it took for us to see next to nothing.

Most. Flop. Plan. Ever.

P.S: If you want to see how majestic they were up close, watch the video below (Watch from 28:30):

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Anniversary post

The men in my family are known for loving and spoiling their wives. M is no different.

From calling me from his office to wake me up at 9 am so I could meet my friends for breakfast to never once complaining about my keeping the light on as I worked late into the night while he slept – he’s been my rock. He’s the one I most depend on. The one without whom I can’t function as well as I do. And the one who’s never once made me feel like a lazy bum – even though that’s exactly what I am.

Every time I visit home now, I get to hear “M has spoiled you!” at least once.

He’s the staunchest supporter and biggest cheerleader of my freelance writing career. The fact that he’s never once asked me why I can’t write during the day is testament to that.

Of course, he isn’t perfect. But I’m wayyy more flawed than him which is why you’ll never hear me talking about his flaws. Because should he start…

Happy Anniversary, Murtaza. Thank you for 7 wonderful years. Here’s to a lifetime of the same, Inshallah!

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The day our schools bled

Getting Z ready for school is often a rush job. I’m sleepy, impatient, and on the clock. Z is sleepy, cranky, and lately, unwilling to wear a jacket even when she’s shivering from cold.

Not a good combination at any time of the day – let alone at 6 am.

But this morning, I sent her off with more love, patience, and kind words than I’ve managed to muster since school opened. She knew something was different. She knew I wasn’t myself. And she understood enough to ask to wear her jacket – on a day when I finally decided to just wrap her in a shawl as we waited for her school bus instead of insisting she wear her jacket.

Nothing I say can bring solace to the mothers of the children martyred yesterday. Or to the fathers whose children were shot to death because they dedicated their lives to their country.

How do you console a parent who’s outlived their child? How do you live with the helplessness of it all? And how do you deal with the guilt at being thankful that it’s not you – that your child is safe and sound? That you aren’t the parent who outlived your child?

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3 things that freak me out whenever Z falls sick.

1. Her transformation into a quiet child with perfect manners. “Yes please” and “No thanks” become the norm. (Makes me long for a tantrum)

2. Her telling me that she doesn’t feel like talking. (This from the kid who talks in her sleep every night.)

3. Her attempts at making me worry less by saying she feels “a little bit better” (when she clearly doesn’t.)

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The pot in ‘potamus

Z: Amma, why does a hippopotamus have a pot in the middle?

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Shedding baby habits and feeling “alonely”

Z has been shedding her baby habits quite rapidly these past few months. But there’s one habit she hasn’t been able to kick off. Every time I go take a shower, she cries by the door. I usually try to prepare her beforehand so she isn’t caught off guard.

Today’s conversation was a little different.

Me: Z, I’m going to take a shower. Don’t get into any mischief and please don’t cry by the door.

Z: No, don’t go. I’m going to get alonely.

Me: You mean lonely.

Z: No. I mean alonely.

Okay then.

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Old Drawings and Happy Recollections

Happiness is coming across an old drawing of Z where she drew me wearing a scarf because “Amma doesn’t go outside without one.”

Old drawing

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