5 months on…

I can’t thank Allah (swt) enough for his blessings. I gave birth to a healthy, beautiful baby girl 4 months ago, my part time freelancing is going well and I’m at peace with myself. Mommy-hood is treating me well. I have doubts (and plenty of guilt!) over how I’m treating Z though. Patience is not my strongest point as a mom.

I probably should write down my birth story and save it for when Z is about to become a mum in 20+ years. It’s pretty hilarious in a ‘I can’t believe they didn’t tell me the sex of my baby after birth’. Yeah, I had to ask – and even then they got it wrong the first time. And we’re talking post birth!

There I was, all ready to faint from fatigue, waiting to hear if I had a girl or a boy so I could pass out in peace and no one thinks to tell me.

I had to actually ask ‘Is it a boy or a girl?’

‘It’s a boy!’ came the reply. I only just registered the slight disappointment at not having a girl and was thanking Allah for a healthy baby boy when –

‘No wait, it’s a girl!’

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  1. UTP says:

    All Mommies of the world ROCK…I wish I were a mom at times… without all the pain and agony though… my mom always tells me… tum kabhi maa nahi bun saktay…. and it means so much more than… just that….

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