About Cuppa Life: Cup of tea

Cuppa Life is a blog about life in UAE. It’s a commentary on all things life, including travelling (I’ve been doing a lot of that ever since I moved here), life (naturally), and every thing else I catch a fancy to.

About Samar:

The face behind the blog

My name is Samar (pronouned Summer – yes, like the season) and I’m the girl and the voice behind Cuppa Life.

Having lived in Pakistan all my life, I moved to UAE in early 2008 post marriage. In the four years since I was first introduced to it, blogging has seen me through college, friends and marriage. I love brackets and sentences starting with ‘I’. I’m also a feminist, blogger/writer and have some seriously big plans.

Professionally, I’m a freelance writer. Writing is my work as well as (I’m almost afraid to say the word) my passion. Blogging is my way of letting off steam. I personally like to call it my creative outlet but those are just fancy words – you can also call it my form of therapy.

If you haven’t run away by now, feel free to cyber stalk me. If you’ve got questions, comments or suggestions, I’d love to hear from you.

If you’re looking for a writer or blogger, please contact me.