Anniversary post

The men in my family are known for loving and spoiling their wives. M is no different.

From calling me from his office to wake me up at 9 am so I could meet my friends for breakfast to never once complaining about my keeping the light on as I worked late into the night while he slept – he’s been my rock. He’s the one I most depend on. The one without whom I can’t function as well as I do. And the one who’s never once made me feel like a lazy bum – even though that’s exactly what I am.

Every time I visit home now, I get to hear “M has spoiled you!” at least once.

He’s the staunchest supporter and biggest cheerleader of my freelance writing career. The fact that he’s never once asked me why I can’t write during the day is testament to that.

Of course, he isn’t perfect. But I’m wayyy more flawed than him which is why you’ll never hear me talking about his flaws. Because should he start…

Happy Anniversary, Murtaza. Thank you for 7 wonderful years. Here’s to a lifetime of the same, Inshallah!

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