Friday Prayers


Friday prayers in UAE are a phenomenon. I don’t know about Dubai, but in Sharjah, the roads empty out and mosques fill up. So much so that men have to pray outside in the parking lot. While most mosques provide covering outside, the one near my house doesn’t. People still flock to it and pray outside in the severe heat under the merciless sun.

Friday prayers is also the only time you won’t get fined for wrong parking. Cars park on side walks, on the side of the roads and yet so many people still don’t find parking space.

This picture was taken on a Friday afternoon during the prayer. I’d gone out in the balcony and saw the view in the window from the building opposite ours. It’s a reflection of the mosque. You can see the people praying outside and the insane parking.

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  1. When I was in Dubai last August, I was staying over at my cousin’s place for a couple of days. We went for Juma namaaz to the university masjid, and it was amazing how full it got so quickly!

    We ended up praying on the grass outside, and although it was crazy hot, it was one of the best experiences ever!

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