From the Fastest to the Slowest

I’ve been a fast walker all my life. I outpaced most people and my dad liked walking with me because he didn’t have to slow down to match my pace.

At university it used to irritate me no end to realize my friends had lagged behind, and it irritated them no end that I couldn’t walk slow or keep pace with them.

In the end we worked out a compromise. I’d walk my pace and they walked theirs. I would reach our destination early while they were still a good 5 minutes away. So I’d buy chai at the cafeteria, sit and enjoy my cuppa while they caught up with me.

Of course walking fast and reaching first meant I had to give their orders as well so that by the time they got to me their fries would be ready :)

Soon after getting pregnant I realized I’d become a slow walker eventually and not just for the duration of my pregnancy but for life!

How so? First, I started walking slow because I couldn’t afford a stumble or a fall. Then I had to walk slow because my center of gravity changed and at best my balance was precarious. At this point, I can’t even get up from a chair or bed fast let alone be able to walk fast! The big tummy gets in the way.

Once I’ll give birth, I’ll be walking slow because I’ll have a baby in my arms, then I’ll be walking slow because I’ll have a toddler with me. After that I’ll be deemed a slow walker because my kid would be out pacing me.

Sigh, I’m never going to be a fast walker again.

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