The Happiest Mother In The World

The ways my child melts my heartEver since school started, I’ve been having a lot of trouble getting Z to finish her lunch.

She doesn’t eat any breakfast because she gets motion sickness and throws up in her bus if she does. I’ve been going crazy worrying about her since some days, she’d go more than 12 hours without food or milk!

I tried cajoling, scolding and bargaining but nothing worked.

Yesterday, I told her the day she finishes her entire lunch in school, I’d be the happiest Amma in the world.

It was an offhand remark I wasn’t even sure she heard. But apparently she did because today her lunch box was empty!

This was after I’d cooked more pasta than I meant to so I’d told her she only needed to finish half.

Z has also told me she’ll finish her entire lunch tomorrow too.

Needless to say, I’m the happiest Amma in the world today.

The ways this girl steals my heart…

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