Malala’s Nobel Peace Prize and the Anti-Malala Brigade

Yes, I’m sad Abdul Sattar Edhi has not won the Nobel Peace prize. His life’s work is definitely worthy of one. But that’s not to say that Malala receiving one is in any way unfair.

Quite sick of the anti-Malala brigade. Survive a bullet to the head and advocate for girls’ education while battling facial paralysis before labeling her a tool for western propaganda.

Personally, I don’t think it’s about Edhi’s life work or Malala’s short time of humanitarian work. I think it’s about what she’s chosen to champion – education of our girls. That isn’t a subject the average Pakistani gets excited about – or is even bothered by.

Yes, saving lives is noble work – one of the most noble out there. But educating girls – mothers, doctors, engineers, teachers etc. of tomorrow is just as noble.

The only difference is one is in the business of fast results (you’re either able to save a life or lose it), while the other is an investment of a lifetime. You won’t see the results until these girls have grown up and become something. Or raised kids who grow up to become something.

So instead of crapping on Malala’s achievement, do something for girl education. Donate to a charity or sponsor a girl’s education. You’ll be doing an entire generation a favor.

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