May Mayhem!

May was a very happening month for me!

My sister had a 7 hour transit in Dubai on May 17th. After tons of Visa drama where I tried everything and she tried everything and still all people had to tell us was that you needed at least 8 hours to get a transit Visa – meeting her turned out to be extremely simple.

When nothing worked out before-hand, we decided that she should first go to the visa desk and ask for a visa. If they refuse, to go try the hotel desk and ask for a room and I’ll go meet her at whatever hotel she’ll be at (if they gave her one). And if nothing worked out, we’ll just wave across the glass to each other.

Whatever happened, whether we got to meet or not, I told her I was going to be at the airport when her plane landed.

Since my trip home has been delayed, I wasn’t going to let the chance of meeting her get by me. My sister was in the same country as I was! There was no way I would have sat back and not done everything to meet her! Had I been going home two weeks later like originally planned, I might not have been so crazy to meet her. Either way, I did end up meeting her :D

Her flight got delayed and we ended up meeting for a grand total of two and a half hours (only =( ). 

But in true younger sister fashion, I went through her bag while she was freshening up in the loo. And because we didn’t have much time, we were talking even while she was in the stall :P Took her out to dinner after that where we lounged (read caught up) on everything that had happened in the past year since we’d last met.

From listening to hilarious stories of my younger cousins to seeing her enjoy her first taste of Arabic food. It was a memorable couple of hours.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to go home. I miss my parents and siblings! And my friends! Let’s not forget that I want to hit the beach like last time and shop! 

For those of you who have siblings living abroad who you don’t get to meet often, have you ever gone to crazy extents to meet them if only for a few hours?

That’s not the only thing that happened in May. Stay tuned for details of further may mayhem!

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