The View From My House.

Mosque in Sharjah

The view from my house in Sharjah. Mosques here are beautiful and even more beautifully lit. This is one of the countless mosques in Sharjah. The picture was taken at sunset.

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4 Responses to The View From My House.

  1. gh says:

    Is that the same mosque we used to see on tv screens during day and night cricket matches in sharjah? It has some resemblance. What say?

  2. Samar says:

    I’m not sure. I wasn’t here when the matches used to be held in Sharjah. But it might not be. There’s a bigger, more beautiful masjid at the corniche.

  3. gh says:

    It was quite simple in terms if you could locate a cricket stadium in the vicinity! Explore – good luck.

  4. Aliyah says:

    Der r around 300 mosque in sharjah…

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