The Two Most Expensive Things in Dubai

After moving here early last year, one thing became very clear. For all of Dubai’s branded glory – it wasn’t the excessive spending that was causing the holes in people’s pocketsĀ  but the real culprits were rent and education.

Gulf News had a news item today stating that according to the Income and Expenditure Survey carried out by the Ministry of Economy found that 53% of income is spent on food and rent. I’d say about 50% is all rent and the remaining 3% is spent of food. Sure the prices of food stuff has risen in the past four years but they are nothing in comparison to the rise in rents.

If you’ve got kids, education is the second thing that is most expensive here. Any savings you’ve got will be used in educating your kids.

@RegAthwal had an interesting tweet today.

“Expats in the UAE are thinking of sending their kids to boarding schools in the UK because it is cheaper now – Outsource your kids!!!”

An MBA costs anywhere fromĀ  AED 80 k and above if you want a degree from a decent and known university. Education opportunities in UAE are also very limited. If parents are indeed considering sending their children abroad for better education, then who can blame them?

Even though the property prices have fallen(25% according to the newspapers) due to the economic recession, there has been no change in rents except that they have stopped increasing. The problem however remains – people have a hard time finding a house that fits their need within their budget.

If you’re living in UAE, what are your two biggest expenses that take a huge chunk out of your income? And yes, credit card bills is a valid answer :)

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4 Responses to The Two Most Expensive Things in Dubai

  1. mayya says:

    hey many congrats on your new place, especially the new dot com. I’m soo jealous! I sooo want an accha sa dot com too. Your new blog is freakishly similar to another blog I follow, but focuses almost entirely on food.

  2. Samar says:

    Thanks! I checked the blog out. Loved the food pictures! You can easily get a dot com yourself.

  3. mayG says:

    Mubrook dear!! Loving the new place :D
    SO in agreement with you on the education and rents :|
    don’t you think nice shoes and books are kinda expensive too?

  4. Samar says:

    Thanks mayG! It’s all thanks to you :)

    Education and rent we can’t survive without if we’re living here. Books and shoes are more of a luxury…also it’s stuff we can get back from home for cheaper!

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