Of When My Cup Runneth Over

IMG_3642So Z and I have a bit of friendly competition about how much we love each other. It started with:

Z: I love you, Amma!
Me: I love you too.
Z: But 2 is so little!

Ever since then we love each other in numbers. 10, 100, 1000, million, billion, trillion, gazillion!

When we can’t think of a number high enough, we move to heights.

Me: Z, I love you all the way to the sky.
Z: I love you up above the sky. No, above the sky, the sun, and the moon!
Me: Whoa… No one loves me more than you!

Now who can top that?

Apparently my daughter believes in competing with herself. Today’s declaration tops all her previous declarations.

Z: Amma, I love you more than myself.
Me: *speechless and very near tears in the middle of a mall*

My cup has officially run over. Alhamdolillah.

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