Sleepless in Sharjah

Sharjah mosque

Photo Credit: Pjvandi

When I moved here, my biggest issue was not having anything to do. Literally. I had no family and absolutely no friends. In short, I knew no one apart from my husband and his family. Combine that with not being able to start my Masters for various reasons and you have a very messed up female on your hands.

Predictably, I was depressed – at 22. That’s wrong on so many levels that it’s not even funny. Thankfully, I had seen my mother deal with living alone and taking care of the family while my dad was away at sea. I started off reading which used to be a favourite past time at home. I read so much I totally turned myself off reading for months. Before it happened, I wouldn’t have believed it possible.

Next came watching movies. I got tired of them faster than you could say ‘What a waste of time!’ Only Grey’s Anatomy managed to survive my divorce from TV.

All this while I was blogging and reminiscing of my days back home where I’d been offered a job and was starting out with part time freelancing. That’s when the proverbial bulb went off in my head.

I should be writing professionally! Once that thought had occurred, it wouldn’t back off. I researched for almost two months, went back home, recuperated, came back a lot more grounded and started looking for freelance work.

In the beginning it was just about keeping myself busy in a strange and new land. Slowly it became a passion with a focus. I know writing, I’ve been doing it for years. I’m good at it. Most of all, there’s no limit to the things I can learn!

That in itself is the biggest pull for me. It has become a habit for me to be up late, writing. Something about the quiet house gets my fingers flying. Now that I’m freelancing and most of my clients are US based, it’s pretty apt that my night is their day.

Of course the downside is that I haven’t seen early morning in a while except for when I wake up for Fajr. And that’s all of ten minutes :P

Right now my life is insanely busy. Hard to imagine huh? From having absolutely nothing to do, to having so much to do that I’m up at 4 am having just completed a project and am now writing a blog post.

To be honest, this post is to record my sense of peace. I have made my place in this new land with my (new) people. I’ve made friends and I’ve found work. Missing my parents, old friends and city is part of the package.

Have you ever had to de-root from the place of your birth and establish new ones in a new country where you didn’t know anyone? How was your experience? How did you cope?

P.S: There’s a really nice picnic spot behind the mosque in the picture.

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4 Responses to Sleepless in Sharjah

  1. sper says:

    And I thought you had disappeared! God I’m such an idiot!!! How have you beeen?

  2. UTP says:

    Dad away at sea is something that I am familiar with as well, merchant navy child also eh?

  3. Samar says:

    Sper: I’ve been good. How are you?!

    UTP: Merchant Navy child indeed. It’s a unique life to say the least.

  4. rosh says:

    Hey hey hey, we’ve got a Sharjawi blog :) I’m happy to read a Sharjawi’s blog :) The Buhaira Corniche is the most beautiful & memorable place in the entire GCC! I have so many memoirs – from infancy to adulthood.

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