Ras-al-Khaimah’s Winter Surprise

Picture courtesy Gulf NewsRas al Khaimah woke up to see its Jebel Jais (mountain cluster situated 25km from Ras al Khaimah city at the height of 5700 feet) covered in snow. AnnGun’s song ‘Snow in the Sahara’ came to mind when I saw the picture in the front page of the paper. According to Gulf News, the snow started at 3 pm on friday afternoon and continued well into the night when the temperature dropped to -3 degrees.

Having been in Ras al Khaimah city that evening, I can tell you that the cold was unbelieveable! It was windy and it kept on drizzling continously. The drizzle turned to heavy rains as we made our way back to Sharjah at 9 30 pm. The rain turned to a drizzle only to pick again as we entered Sharjah.

Even though, snow in the desert is a novelty, RAK is no stranger to snow. It snowed four years ago too in 2004 and was a big attraction for everyone – locals, expats and tourists alike. Helicopters were flown to give people an aerial view and let them see the snow up close.

For more pictures, check out the slideshow at Gulf News.

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5 Responses to Ras-al-Khaimah’s Winter Surprise

  1. Dubai Guy says:

    Yesss, this is what you call a blog :-)

    As for the snow, I was also in RAK that day, but didn’t knew anything about the snow till I read about it in the newspaper. I am in love with RAK, had loved it since the first time I visited it in 1996 :-)

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  2. Samar says:

    I have only been to RAK twice. I liked the city. It’s peaceful. But that could be because of the less traffic :P

  3. X --- says:

    lack of traffic can be such a relief :P

  4. Samar says:

    It’s not a relief that is common here. Be a few minutes late and it’ll take you two and half hours to reach work instead of 40 minutes.

  5. Uttari says:

    Wow…snow on sahara

    But it’s not Anngun’s ….her name is Anggun :) (read:ang-goon)she’s originally from indonesia.

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