Terror strikes!

I admit, I’m terrified of not being able to handle labour pain. More than that I’m unwilling to go through a C-section. I’m hoping I’ll have a natural birth but after much effort I’ve managed to convince myself to be open to both possibilities.

One just doesn’t know what Allah has in store for us.

So far this pregnancy has been the easiest. My toughest challenge has been to survive a mild case of PUPPP. Even the mildest case of PUPPP is no walk in the park. It was only my vanity that saved me from going insane scratching myself like a monkey. It was the fear of getting scars.

Having sensitive skin that scars easily I put ice on my stomach, lathered it with cream, then doused it with baby powder to dry it out – 20 times a day.

Now that’s terror I tell you.

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2 Responses to Terror strikes!

  1. UTP says:

    If it helps… all the best… May Allah be with you…

  2. SAFIRE says:

    transitions are not always easy. But i hope that InshaAllah , this will a beautiful experience, whether with or without stretchmarks. :)

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