The Surprise Baby Shower

I knew my friends were planning to throw me a baby shower and I figured out when it would be. My friends, God bless them couldn’t contain their excitement and made slips and they’re not the most authentic liars ;)

What I didn’t figure out was the effort they’d put in to make my surprise baby shower the most memorable thing of my pregnancy!

The second I saw the “Mom to bee” banner on the door, I knew I’d arrived at my shower. What waited for me behind that door was completely beyond my imagination! What was a “I know what’s awaiting me”, turned into “Omg, I can’t believe this!” within seconds.

I’d figured on yummy food, gifts and plenty of good wishes along with the great time we always have when we get together. I got all of that and much, much more. I got the cutest Honest Bee themed party ever thrown! A “Mom to bee” banner (which is hanging on the wall in front of my work desk as I write this), a t-shirt with the same slogan stitched on it, fairy lights and more banners!

That wasn’t all. The food looked brilliant – all colorful and creative, the cutlery matched the Orange and Yellow theme of the party. Even the spoons had little bees stamped on them!

It was quite a coincidence that I ended up wearing yellow and orange too! (That truly was a coincidence guys, I had no idea you guys were putting a theme to the baby shower!)

All in all, my friends were successful in surprising me. It was overwhelming to have so much love and attention showered on me.

Oh and the gifts I got were so perfect! A prenatal massage for myself and my baby’s first ever toys!

The euphoria of today refuses to die down and I’m still too excited to sleep.

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